Laptop-AC-Power-Adapter-Charger-19-5V-3-33A-65W-for-HP-710412-001-PPP009L Laptop-AC-Power-Adapter-Charger-19-5V-3-33A-65W-for-HP-710412-001-PPP009L Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger 19.5V 3.33A 65W for HP 710412-001 PPP009L

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Compatible Models:

10-e002el 10-e002sl  10-e003au 10-e013au   10-e004au 10-e011au 10-e010nr 10-e019nr,
10-e020au 10-e021au  10-e020ca ,10z-e000 cto   10-e022au     10-e029sf 10-e030ef,
11-e007au e008au  11-e010ss e099es     11-e030ef e030sf  11-e032sf    11-e040ef,
11-e099ss  11-e100sf e101sf   11-e104au  11z-e000 CTO,
11-e110nr 11-e115nr 11-e140ca   11-n000ea 11-n000na x360  11-n000sa 11-n001ea x360,
11-h000sg x2,  11-h050ef x2   11-h002sa11-h003ea x2  11-h003sa x2 ,
11-h003tu x2, 11-h004tu x2    11-h006tu x2   11-h007tu x2     11-h008tu x2,11-h014tu x2,
11-h010nr 11-h013dx x2   11-h102tu 11-h103tu x2,
11-h017tu x2 PC   11-h060ef x2 PC   11-h100 x2 PC   11-h100sa x2 PC    11-h100sa x2 PC,
11-n000sl 11-n001sl x360  11-n001na 11-n001sa x360 11-n005na 11-n010ea x360 11-n009tu 11-n010tu x360,
11-n030ca 11-n038ca X360  11-e015dx 11-e015nr 11-e040ca   11-e102au 11-e103au   11-e109au, 11-e110au,
11-p010ca 11-p010nz   11-p010ca 11-p050nr   11-p010ns 11-p015ns ,
13-3003es 13-3004tu  13-3005tu 13-3010sa    13-3010ea 13-3010ed   13-3011tu 13-3012tu,
13-b020nd 13-b101tu   13-b080na 13-b080sa    13-b102tu 13-b103tu     13-b108tu 13-b109tu 13-b110tu,
13-b110ns 13-b107tu   13-p100 x2 PC   13-p100el x2 PC   13-p100es X2, 13-p100ss x2,
13-g110dx x2    3-g118ca x2    13-g210dx x2   13t-g100 CTO x2,
13-m006tu 13-m007tu x2 PC   13-m010dx 13-m005TU x2 PC     13-m010dx x2 PC PC,
13-m100br 13-m110br x2 PC   13-m100es x2   13-m101ss x2 PC   13-m101sl x2,13-m101el x2 PC,
13-m101TU 13-m102TU x2 PC     13-m103es x2,13-m103ss x2 PC    Split 13-m110dx x2, 13-m210dx x2 PC,
13-m110ea x2,13-m110sa x2 PC   13-m111sa x2,13-m121ea x2 PC   Split 13-m112tu x2 PC,
13-m115eg x2 PC   13-m121sa x2,13-m200ea x2 PC     13-m170ef x2, 13-m200sf PC,
13-m200sa x2,13-m201sa PC   13-m210ea x2 PC    13t 13t-m000 x2 Tablet PC,
13-p101la X2,13-p110nr x2    13-p106sa x2 PC    13-p111nr x2,13-p113cl x2,
13-r030ca 13-r050ca x2,
13t-m000 13t-m100 CTO x2 PC    x2 13.3 Tablet PC,
13z-p100 CTO x2     13-r00 x2     13-r001xx 13-r010dx x2   13-r030ca 13-r050ca x2,
14-e005tx 14-e006tx 14-e007tx   14-e008tu 14-e008tx 14-e009tu    14-e009tx 14-e010la 14-e010tu,
14-e011tx 14-e012la 14-e014la   14-e015tx 14-e016la 14-e016tx    14-e017tx 14-e018tx 14-e019tx,
14-e020tx 14-e021tx 14-e022tx   14-e023tx 14-e024tx,
14-n011ex 14-n011sx    14-n012ex 14-n055sa    14-n018us 14-n028ca    14-n047ca 14-n048ca 14-n073ca,
14-n050TX 14-n059TX   14-n204sf 14-n200sf     14-n218us 14-n228ca  14-n248ca,
14-n236tx 14-n202ss,
14-q000ea 14-q000sa 14-q030sg  14-q002sa 14-q003sa  14-q004sa 14-q005sa,
14-Q004TU 14-q005tu    14-q010nr 14-q020nr    14-q030ea 14-q030sa    14-q030ea 14-q030sa,
14-q030ef 14-q031ef    14-q030nr 14-q070nr    14-q032ef,
14-v038ca 14-v054ca   14-v168nr 14t-v100 CTO,
14-x030nr 14-x010nr  14-x050n r14-x040nr,
14-z001au 14-z002au 14-z003au  14-z002na 14-z050na 14-z010ca 14-z040wm,
14-z010nd 14-z011nd  14-z050sa 14-z051na 14-z052na  14-z052sa 14-Z050NG,
15-e000sr 15-e002er 15-e002sr   15-e003sr 15-e004er 15-e004sr   15-e005sr 15-e006sr 15-e007sr,
15-e008ee 15-e009ee 15-e051se    15-e020sf 15-e021sf 15-e033sf   15-e042sf 15-e046sf 15-e049sf,
15-e008sr 15-e011sr 15-e025sr   15-e026sr 15-e033er 15-e034er     15-e034sr 15-e035sr 15-e050sr,
15-e010us 15-e011nr  15-e012nr 15-e013nr  15-e014nr 15-e015nr   15-e016nr 15-e018nr,
15-e016nr 15-e018nr   15-e020us 15-e028us  15-e022nr 15-e021nr   15-e039nr 15-e043cl,
15-e050sf 15-e051sf    15-e054se 15-e055se 15-e059se    15-e056sf 15-e057sf,
15-e051er 15-e051sr 15-e052sr   15-e053sr 15-e054er 15-e054sr   15-e056sr 15-e057sr 15-e058sr,
15-e060se 15-e068se 15-e071ee   15-e072ee 15-e073ee 15-e074ee  15-e075se 15-e076se 15-e077se,
15-e061nr 15-e062nr    15-e071nr 15-e073nr   15-e074nr 15-e075nr   15-e076nr 15-e077nr,
15-e063sr 15-e070sr 15-e071sr    15-e075sr 15-e076sr 15-e080sr   15-e081sr 15-e082sr 15-e083sr,
15-e078se 15-e079se 15-e080se    15-e081se 15-e082se 15-e083se    15-e084se 15-e085se 15-e086se,
15-e085er 15-e086sr 15-e087sr    15-e088er 15-e089sr,
15-e088se 15-e089se 15-e090se    15-e091se 15-e092se,
15-j000sg 15-j001er 15-j001sb    15-j001sg 15-j001tx 15-j002er   15-j002la 15-j003eo 15-j003la,
15-j003la 15-j004ax 15-j004tx     15-j005ep 15-j005ss 15-j005tu ,
15-j003tu 15-j003xx  15-j005ax 15-j005tx     15-j007tx 15-j009tx   15-j009wm 15-j020tx,
15-j006ax 15-j007ax 15-j009ss    15-j010us 15-j011nr 15-j012la,
15-j013cl 15-j016tx 15-j019so     15-j022tx 15-j023cl 15-j025tx,
15-j020us 15-j021tx   15-j023tx 15-j032tx    15-j050us  15-j051ei    15-j051nr 15-j053cl,
15-j026tx 15-j027tx 15-j028tx     15-j029nr 15t-j000 Quad Edition,
15-j030us 15-j031nr 15-j032nr     15-j033tx 15-j058ca15-j060ez,
15-j053xx 15-j003tx     15-j055ee 15-j073ca    15-j070us     15-j080us   15-j084eg 15t-j000,
15-j063ei 15-j066ez 15-j081eg     15-j084ca 15-j090ez 15z-j000 CTO,
15-p003ax 15-p005tu 15-p006ax  15-P007NG 15-P009NG 15-P012NG  15-p008tx 15-p011tx 15-p015tx,
15-p011nr 15-p010US,
15-P019NG 15-P020NG 15-P025NG  15-p020nd 15-p032nd 15-p035nd 15-p020us 15-p021ca 15-p021nr,
15-p022nr 15-p023nr 15-p024nr 15-p026nr 15-p027nr 15-p029ca  15-p029nr 15-p033ca,
15-P030NG 15-P031NG 15-p033cl 15-p043cl 15-p050ca  15-p001na 15-p002na 15-p011na,
15-p051us 15-p050nr  15-p051xx 15-p066us 15-p067ca 15-P054NG 15-P072NG,
15-p064us 15-p066us  15-p080ca 15-p082nr 15-p083nr  15-p084ca 15-p087ca 15-p088ca,
15-p100dx 15-p114dx   15-p013na 15-p038na 15-p046na  15-p017ax 15-p055tx,
15-p111nr 15-p115nr p143cl  15-p033nf 15-p035nf 15-p036nf  15-p042nd 15-p045nd 15-p006nf,
15-p224nr p225nr p226nr 15-p221nr p222nr p223nr 15-p150ca 15-p167us 15-p157cl,
15z-j000 CTO,
17-e011nr 17-e017cl   17-e020us 17-e021nr    17-e033ca 17-e049sf   17-e040us,
17-e049wm 17-e055so   17-e060so 17-e072nr    17-e074nr 17-e076nr ,
17-F000NG 17-F001NG 17-F003NG  17-F007NG 17-F008NG 17-F009NG  17-f010na 17-f070nb 17-f060nb,
17-f010us 17-f020us 17-f023cl 17-F012NG 17-F022NG 17-F024NG  17-F025NG 17-F034NG 17-F036NG,
17-f026ds 17-f028ca 17-f029ds 17-f030us 17-f037cl 17-f040us 17-f033nd 17-f035nd 17-f040nd,
17-f041nf 17-f045nf 17-f052nf   17-F042NG 17-F050NG  17-f049nd 17-f050nd 17-f007nf,
17-f051xx 17-f053ca 17-f053us  17-F052NG 17-F068NG   17-f055nb 17-f045nb,
17-f056nf 17-f061nf 17-f063nf  17-f061us 17-f071nr 17-f078ca   17-f080ca 17-f084ca,
17-f113dx 17-f114dx 17-f115dx  17-f121ds 17-f122ds 17-f123ds   17-f124ds 17-f125ds 17-f127ds   17-f131ds 17-f132ds 17-f133ds,
17-f134ds 17-f135ds 17-f136ds  17-f137ds 17-f138ds 17-f139ds  17-f165nr 17-f166nr 17-f167nr,
17-f168nr 17-f180ca 17-f184ca  17-f221nr 17-f222nr 17-f223nr   17-f224nr 17-f225nr 17-f226nr,
17-f227nr 17-f231nr 17-f232nr   17-f233nr 17-f234nr 17-f235nr   17-f236nr 17-f237nr 17-f111nr,
17t-f100    17z-f100 17z-f200  17z-e000 17-e010us,
Compaq 14 15 notebook pc,
Compaq 14-a000 Compaq 14-a104tx,
Compaq 15-a000 Compaq 15-a003ea 15-a003sa Compaq 15-a001ef 15-a001sf 15-a003sf 15-a006sf 15-a007sf 15-a013nf 15-a002sf 15-a084nf Compaq 15-a019sg 15-a024sg 15-a026eg 15-a026sg 15-a052sg,
Compaq 15-h000 Compaq 15-h011ea 15-h011sa 15-h000sd 15-h005ed 15-h000sf 15-h001sf 15-h002sf 15-h015nf 15-h003sf 15-h013nf 15-h000sg 15-H004SG 15-h023sg 15-h024sg 15-h038eg 15-h039sg,
Compaq 15-s000 Compaq 15-s001nf 15-s002nf 15-s003nf 15-s004nf 15-S000EG 15-s000sg,
Compatible Models:,
ENVY x360 15-u170ca 15t-u100 CTO  x360 - 15-u110dx  x360 15t Touch,
HHP ENVY m4-1115dx Notebook PC,
HP  Split 13-m000 13-m100 13-m200 x2 PC   13-m000 x2 PC    13-m003tu 13-m008tu x2 PC,
HP 14 15 notebook pc,
HP 14-d000 14-d005au 14-d006AU 14-d014tu 14-d001au,
HP 14-r000 HP 14-r003tu,
HP 15-d000 Series,
HP 15-d010ca 15-d013ca 15-d017cl 15-d020ca 15-d020dx 15-d020nr 15-d021ca 15-d027ca 15-d027cl 15-d030nr 15-d035dx 15-d038ca 15-d040ca 15-d040nr 15-d045nr 15-d050nr 15-d051nr 15-d052nr 15-d053cl 15-d053nr 15-d054nr 15-d056nr 15-d057nr 15-d058nr 15-d059nr 15-d060nr 15-d068ca 15-d069wm 15-d071nr 15-d072nr 15-d073nr 15-d074nr 15-d075nr 15-d076nr 15-d079wm 15-d081nr 15-d082nr 15-d083nr 15-d089wm 15-d090nr 15-d049ee 15-d030ee 15-d027ee 15-d024ee 15-d049se 15-d048se 15-d048ee 15-d047ee 15-d043ee 15-d037ee 15-d025ee 15-d053ee 15-d002se 15-d056ee 15-d056se 15-d041se 15-d054ee 15-d054se 15-d047se 15-d053se 15-d037se 15-d031ee 15-d025se 15-d041ee 15-d000ee 15-d002ee 15-d008ee 15-d007ee 15-d003ee 15-d024se 15-d027se 15-d000se 15-d043se 15-d040se 15-d008se 15-d003se 15-d007se 15-d033se 15-d030se 15-d000sl 15-d001sl 15-d002sl 15-d003sl 15-d013sl 15-d002ss 15-d020tu 15-d021tu 15-d001au 15-d004au 15-d005au 15-d006au 15-d011tu 15-d012tu 15-d014tu 15-d048tu 15-d049tu 15-d050tu 15-d051tu,
HP 15-f000 Series HP 15-f009wm,
HP 15-g000 Series Series,
HP 15-g011ca 15-g019wm 15-g020ca 15-g028ca 15-g029ca 15-g029wm 15-g000sl 15-g003sl 15-g004sl 15-g007au 15-g002au,
HP 15-g020nr 15-g063nr Notebook PC,
HP 15-r000 Series HP 15-r011dx 15-r018dx 15-r029wm 15-r020nd 15-r080nd 15-r001tu 15-r005tu 15-r016tu,
HP 15-R011dx 15-r015dx 15-r017dx 15-R018dx,
HP 210 G1 Notebook PC TPN-C112,
HP 215, 240 G2, 242 G1, 245 G2, 250 G2, 255 G2 Notebook PCs Series,
HP Chromebook 11 G3 TPN-Q151   11-2101tu 11-2110nr,
HP Chromebook 14 G3 TPN-Q152  14-x010ca 14-x010wm 14-x013dx 14-x015wm,
HP EliteBook 700 725 745 755 G2,
HP EliteBook Folio 1000 Notebook PC series,
HP Elitebook Folio 1020 G1 Notebook PC,
HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 Notebook PC,
HP EliteBook Folio 940 G1 Notebook PC,
HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook series,
HP EliteBook Folio 9480m Ultrabook series,
HP ENVY 14-k001xx 14-k001tx 14-k002tx    14-k004tx 14-k005tx 14-k010us,
HP ENVY 15 x360 TPN-Q146 Series  15-u010dx 15-u011dx x360  15-u050ca x360 15t-u000 x360 CTO,
HP ENVY 15-j000 Notebook PC Series,
HP ENVY 15t Select   15t, 15t Touch  Series,
HP ENVY 15t Select notebook pc,
HP ENVY 15t Slim Touch notebook pc,
HP ENVY 15t-j100 Select Edition,
HP ENVY 15z-j100 Notebook,
HP ENVY 17t-j100 Leap Motion QE,
HP Envy Rove 20 Mobile All-in-One PC,
HP ENVY Rove 20 mobile All-in-One PC series,
HP ENVY Rove 20-k000ea 20-k000eb 20-k000ef 20-k000eo 20-k014us,
HP ENVY Rove 20-k100 Mobile All-in-One  20-k120us 20-k121us  20-k127cl,
HP ENVY TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook Series,
HP ENVY TouchSmart 14-k110nr 14-k120us Ultrabook,
HP ENVY TouchSmart 14-k111nr 14-k112nr Sleekbook,
HP ENVY TouchSmart 14t-k100 Ultrabook CTO,
HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j000 Notebook series  15-j001ax 15-j001tu    15-j002ax 15-j002tu,
HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k000 Sleekbook series,
HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k000 Sleekbook series,
HP Envy X2 13 13.3 Series  X2 13-j000na 13-j050na X2 13-j001tu 13-j002tu 13-j012dx,
HP Pavilion 10 TouchSmart PC TPN-Q135   10-e000es 10-e000ss    10-e000sf 10-e001sf,
HP Pavilion 10z Touch Laptop,
HP Pavilion 11 x360 PC Series 11-e010nr 11-e011nr 11-n010dx 11-n011dx X360  11-n011ea 11-n008tu x360,
HP Pavilion 11 x360 PC Series 11t-n000   11-h110ca x2, 11-h110nr x2  11-h112nr x2, 11t-h100 CTO x2,
HP Pavilion 11-h000 x2 PC 11-h010ca x2  11-h000ea x2, 11-h000sa x2   11-h000el,11-h001el x2,
HP Pavilion 13-a000 x360 Series    13-a010dx a010nr a019wm X360    13-a040ca 13-a050ca x360,
HP Pavilion 13-p111nr x2,13-p113cl x2  13-p117cl x2,13-p120ca x2    13-p120nr x2,,
HP Pavilion 13z-a000 x360 CTO,
HP Pavilion 14-e000 Notebook PC series  14-e003tu 14-e004tu 14-e004tx 14-e005tu,
HP Pavilion 14-n000 14z-n100 14-n200 14z-n200 Notebook  PC  series  14-n003ek 14-n004ek  14-n004ej 14-n001st,
HP Pavilion 14t 14z 15t 15z 17z 17t Touch,
HP Pavilion 14z-n100 14-n200 14z-n200  14z-n100 CTO,14z-n200 CTO,
HP Pavilion 15-e000 Notebook PC,
HP Pavilion 15-e005tx 15-e004tx 15-e035tx 15-e003au,
HP Pavilion 15-p237nr 15-p227nr 15-p234nr p235nr p236nr 15-p231nr p232nr p233nr,
HP Pavilion 15t-e000 15z-e000 CTO,
HP Pavilion 15t-p100 15z-p100 CTO 15z-p200 CTO,
HP Pavilion 15z-n100 Notebook PC,
HP Pavilion 17-e000 Notebook PC,
HP Pavilion 17-f000 Series,
HP Pavilion 17t-f000 CTO 17z-f000 CTO  17z-f000 17t-f100 17z-f200,
HP Pavilion G14 Series,
HP Pavilion Sleekbook G14-b015dx G14-B000EE G14-B001EIA G14-b050TU G14-B065TX,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 11-e009au 11-e012au  11z-e000 CTO,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 TPN-C112  11-e000 11-e100  11-e000eg e010eg,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b150us,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-f000 Sleekbook,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-k000 Sleekbook   14-k025tx 14-k024tx 14-k030tx 14-k028TX 14-k029TX,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n100,
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15t-n100,
HP Pavilion x2 13-r100dx,
HP Pro x2 410 G1 G2,
HP Pro x2 410 G1 Notebook PC,
HP Pro X2 612 G1,
HP ProBook 440 445 450 G2 notebook pc,
HP Slate 17 All-in-One-PC TPC-I012  17 17-l010 17-l020 17-l004nd,
HP SlateBook 14-p000 TPN-Q137 14-p010nr  14-p091nr,
HP Spectre 13 x2 Pro Series  Ultrabook  13-3000 13-3018ca   13-3000,
HP Spectre 13-3000 13t-3000 TPN-F111 Series,
HP Spectre 13-3000 TPN-F111 13-3000ed 13-3000ea   13-3000ex 13-3001el  13-3001tu 13-3001sp 13-3002eo 13-3002el c,
HP Spectre 13t-3000 Ultrabook  13t-h200 x2 PC   13t-h200 x2 PC ,
HP Split 13-g100 13-g200 x2    13-g100 13-g200 x2   13-g100 x2 13-g118ca,
HP Stream 11 Notebook PC 11-d010wm  11-d020nr 11-d077nr  11-d001dx 11-d010nr,
HP Stream 11 Pro Notebook TPN-Q154 TPN-Q147 TPN-Q148 TPN-Q149,
HP Stream 13 Notebook PC Series 13-c010nr 13-c002dx Touch Laptop  13-c020nr 13-c077nr,
HP Stream 14 notebook series  14-z000 14-z010nr 14-z000na 14-z001na   14-z000ns 14-z000ne 14-z000nx,
HP Stream Notebook - 13-c010ca 13-c010nr,
HP Stream x360 Home TPN-C115,
HP Stream x360 Series 11-p000nf 11-p099nd  11-p000ng 11-p001ng   11-p000no 11-p080no,
HP TouchSmart 15-r137wm 15-r136wm,
HP TPN-C115 TPN-Q128  TPN-Q136    TPN-Q141  TPN-Q141 TPN-Q144 TPN-Q144,
HP x360 310 350 G1 Convertible PC,
m6-k022dx m6-k025dx  m6-k054ca m6-k125dx,
Pavilion 14t-v000 14Z-V000 CTO 14t-v000 CTO 14z-v000 CTO,
Pavilion 14-v000 14-v152xx  14-v001tu 14-v002tu 14-v063us  14-v024ca 14-v048ca 14-v062us,
Pavilion 15-p000 CTO 15-p010us,
x2 13-j002dx 13-j020ca 13t-j000    X2 13-j020nd 13-j001nf    X2 15 15-c000na 15-c050na,
X2 15 15-c001dx 15-c001xx   X2 15 15-c001tu 15-c011dx ,
X2 15 15-c020nd 15-c001nf    X2 15 15.6 15t-c000 CTO,